We adhere to all COVID-19 precautions while we work.

More Than Just a Moving Company

We help seniors and their families downsize a lifetime of belongings with compassion and care.


What We Do

We help you get from A to B with as little effort as possible.

The house you’ve built a lifetime of memories to a smaller house, apartment or retirement community. 

The house you’ve built a family in and a lifetime of memories.

A smaller house, apartment, or retirement community.

Who We Do It For

We Specialize in Senior Relocation

But We Also Service Everyone Else!

How We're Different

We'll handle the entire move plus all the other little details so you can walk into your new home with everything in place and ready to enjoy.


Traditional Moving Company

Cheerful Transitions
Professional packingYesYes
Loading belongingsYesYes
Boxes and packing materialsYesYes
Removal of packaging debrisYesYes
Floor plan designYes
Sorting through belongingsYes
Liquidation of unwanted itemsYes
Emotional supportYes
Clean outsYes
Kitchen and bathroom set upYes
Make the beds and set the clocksYes
Hang pictures and TV’sYes
Set up phone, TV, and internetYes
Handyman servicesYes
Realty servicesYes
Cash offer for original homeYes

Our Mission

To change people’s perception of moving. Yes, moving can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Moving can also be an easy, stress-free, Cheerful Transition, and we’d love the opportunity to prove it to you! 

Our Story

Why We Do What We Do

Cheerful Transitions started after experiencing a very stressful move with my elderly parents. Mom and Dad lived in a beautiful three bedroom home for over 40 years. You can only imagine how many memories and belongings they accumulated throughout those four decades. However, after my father fell ill my mother was left with no other option but to sell the house and move into a small condo where they could live maintenance free and get the assistance they needed.

Moving turned out to be a lot more expensive and emotionally stressful than anyone thought it would be. My two sisters and I lived in different states and had to make multiple round trips to go and help our parents downsize and move. All the traveling and days off of work put us behind thousands of dollars. Things would have gone a lot faster if we didn’t have to convince Mom that she didn’t need to take everything with her to their new home. There were items in boxes not touched in years, but still she was adamant about keeping them. Months later and with limited success, Mom and Dad finally moved into their new condo. Many boxes ended up in storage and unpacking the new apartment was beyond tiresome, expensive and challenging.

Once Mom and Dad were finally settled in I thought to myself, “There has got to be an easier way to do this.” If only we had an unbiased person to offer advice, assistance and emotional support… that would have made a huge difference in reducing stress levels and helping with the endless amount of decisions. So my husband and I used our personal experiences to create a unique moving experience for seniors and their families which streamlines the moving process at an affordable flat rate. With patience, understanding and a strong focus on problem-solving, we strive to make a difference in the lives of all individuals who need a helping hand relocating.

Today, Rich and I are very proud of our company and gain much satisfaction knowing that it is our knowledge, compassion and personal touch that ensures a positive experience during one of life’s most challenging phases.

Our Commitment to Care & Compassion

At Cheerful Transitions we provide compassionate, caring, and comprehensive relocation services and support to seniors and their families when the time comes to relocate to a smaller home or condominium, a retirement community or a senior living residence. We consider our clients like family and strive for high quality, efficient, and compassionate support to meet their unique needs. We build trust and put minds at ease by working together to create a new living space that is familiar, comfortable, and one that truly feels like home.

About Our Company

Family Relocation Consultants was founded in 2010 and has been dedicated to providing relocation services to seniors and their loved ones transitioning from a long-term family home into a smaller and more suitable place to live. In 2019, Family Relocation Consultants has been succeeded and rebranded as Cheerful Transitions continuing to make a difference in the lives of older adults by easing anxiety and overwhelmed feelings associated with moving. Cheerful Transitions is a full-service senior relocation and real estate management company serving South Florida. We understand the physical and emotional demands of beginning a new stage in life, and tailor our services by creating a personalized transition plan based on a client’s individual needs. We apply a hands-on approach and manage the myriad details involved in downsizing and moving seniors. We are experienced relocation managers, holding the designation of Certified Relocation & Transition Specialist (CRTS™). We have professional backgrounds in education, real estate, and business operations and understand the emotional, physical and practical aspects of assisting seniors and their families through this stressful process. We at Cheerful Transitions value each relationship we forge with you and your family and our enthusiastic team of relocation professionals derives great satisfaction from customizing a safe, warm and familiar living environment.

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