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“What Are Florida Senior Relocation Services?”

“What Are Florida Senior Relocation Services?”

With over 50 million seniors over 65 in the U.S., senior moving services are more important than ever. More than half the moves in the United States in any given year involve seniors!

That’s especially true in South Florida, where many seniors relocate to enjoy the sunshine. With so many senior relocation specialists out there offering a range of different services, you might have some questions about what senior relocation is and what it involves.

If you or your loved one have an upcoming senior move, this blog will answer some of the most common questions asked about senior relocations.

What does a senior relocation service do?

Senior relocation services specialize in moving seniors to a new residence. They focus completely on the client’s needs, not just the move.

Most senior relocation consultants do more than just move – they provide many extra services, like organizing, sorting, downsizing, sale of unwanted items, unpacking and decorating the new residence. Relocation consultants also offer help transitioning into your loved one’s new living situation by taking care of change of address, updating driver’s licenses, and more.

Many senior relocation services will also take care of the former home, prepare it to be sold and oversee the selling process. Consequently, it’s important to know the Florida real estate market very well. Transitioning from a large family home to a smaller residence like an apartment, retirement community, assisted living facility or care facility can be difficult.

Senior relocation services are experts at organizing, planning, and overseeing this process. Choosing a Florida senior relocation service will really make this much easier.

How is it different from a moving company?

While professional moving companies are experts in getting customers from one place to another, senior relocation specialists are experts in everything else it takes to relocate — all the planning, organization, management, wrap-up and finishing details.

Senior relocation experts offer gentle guidance and allow older adults and their families to make key decisions during an overwhelming time, giving them a sense of control over the situation. It’s the compassion and care that senior relocation specialists provide that sets them apart from other moving companies. Moving into a new residence can be emotionally taxing for an older adult who may be leaving a place they have lived for 20 years or more.

Florida senior relocation companies take all the worry and work out of the moving process with their experience and knowledge of local neighborhoods and care facilities.

What are the benefits of using a senior relocation service?

Because senior relocations can be an emotional and busy time, many senior relocation specialists go above and beyond what a traditional moving company would do. Their goal is to create a completely stress-free experience for the senior and their loved ones, so they tailor their services to exactly what each client needs.

This helps families focus on caring for their loved one, who may be upset, emotional or angry about having to transition to a new residence. By providing compassionate care and guidance throughout the process, senior relocation specialists will answer any questions you have, plan and manage the entire transition, and take care of all details so your loved one doesn’t have to lift a finger.

Why should I use a senior relocation service?

Senior relocation specialists offer end-to-end support throughout the entire senior transition process. When it comes to moving older adults, it may be the first relocation in 25 years or more. Senior relocation experts have a firm grasp on the tasks associated with planning and managing a move and will personalize everything to fit your needs.

Wherever you move in South Florida, they are there for emotional and mental support when you need it most and they will assist you and your loved ones through every detail, handling even the most menial tasks so you can focus on your family.