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Every Aspect of Your Move Professionally Managed

So you can experience an easy, stress-free, Cheerful Transition!


Preparation & Planning

No matter your age, moving is a stressful and often traumatic event.  Many clients are often leaving a home they have lived in for decades that is filled with precious memories and family heirlooms. Oftentimes extended family is unavailable for the time-consuming downsizing and relocation process. We know the secret to a successful relocation experience is proper planning and management.

Create Customized Transition Plan

We start off by creating a customized transition plan that satisfies all your personal needs. Our goal is to create a familiar environment that looks and feels like home. The customized transition plan is like a roadmap that lists what will get done and how it will be accomplished. Our customers love this because it helps they know what to expect every step of the way.

Floor Plan Design

Another aspect of our planning process is creating a floor plan design. We make it our duty to visit your new location and take measurements of all the rooms. This helps us understand how much space we have to work with and see if your existing furniture can be used in your new home and create a customized furniture placement diagram.

Sorting & Downsizing

Once the floor plan design is complete we will have a better idea of how much downsizing will be necessary. Not to worry, if you have a lot of items we will help sort and organize all your belongings. After so many years of living in the same place, we tend to accumulate things we don’t really need. Cheerful Transitions can help you declutter and rightsize your furniture and belongings for your new home.

Allocating Unwanted Items

We assist our customers in deciding how to move what they love most with the utmost care and compassion. We understand that some items have sentimental value and offer many options for allocating unwanted items such as temporary storage, gifting, sale or donation. 

Options to Consider

  • AuctionWe’ll arrange for your items to be auctioned off so you can feel confident that you’re getting the most for your valuables.
  • Charitable DonationWe'll send your unwanted items to charity and make sure you receive a tax deductible donation receipt.
  • Gifting Items to Family MambersWe'll arrange for shipping of family heirlooms to friends or family members.
  • Junk RemovalWe’ll take care of any unwanted furniture or bulk trash removal.

Professional Packing

We’re professional packers who make sure your items are packed with care and arrive safely to their destination. Included in our service is all the packing materials and full supervision of the move throughout the entire relocation process. We even take care of the smaller details such as emptying out the refrigerator and transporting perishables to your new home.

Packing Services Include

  • All Packing MaterialsBoxes, wrapping paper, tape, etc.
  • Professionally Packed Items With CareFurniture wrap, glassware carefully packaged, etc.
  • Supervision of Entire MoveWe meet the movers and supervise the move to ensure items are being handled with care and and everything gets unpacked to your liking.
  • Transfer of Perishable GoodsWe'll even take your refrigerated and frozen food items over to your new home.

Unpack & Resettle

Now it’s time to get your new home ready. We start by setting all the furniture in its place. Then we proceed to unpack every box and organize the rooms and closets. We’ll set up the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms, and make sure to take care of all the little details so that your new home is comfortable and ready for living. We’ll plug in the lamps, set the clocks, connect the TV, and computers. We even make the beds and hang pictures on the wall! Once we’ve completely unloaded, we remove all the boxes and packing debris.

We Take Care of All the Little Details

  • Customized Furniture PlacementWe set furniture according to approved floor plan designs.
  • Unload & Unpack All BoxesAfter unpacking all your items we make sure to dispose of all boxes and packaging materials.
  • Setup Kitchen & BathroomsWe'll organize your kitchen so that your pots, plates and cutlery are in place and ready for use. We'll set up your bathrooms so that your favorite items are at your disposal.
  • Set Up BedroomsWe want you to feel truly comfortable when you step back into your home, so we'll also fluff your pillows and make the beds. We'll also organize your closets and fill your dressers.

Post Move

After you’ve physically moved, there are still a few tedious tasks that need to be completed. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you transfer your phone number, update your mailing address, and driver’s license address. We’ll also make sure all phone lines, cable, and internet services are set up and ready for use.

Frequently Forgotten Tasks

  • Change Mailing Address
  • Update Driver’s License Address
  • Setup Phone, Cable, Internet
  • Finishing Touches & More

Property Services

In addition to our moving services, we also offer a variety of property services. We offer all our clients the option to receive an AS-IS cash offer to purchase their home regardless of the condition. This provides an immediate cash payment option. Some of the benefits of working with Cheerful Transitions is that you avoid paying additional realtor commission fees, and there is no inspection, appraisal or cleaning required.

If you would rather put your property on the market, we can help you with that too. We’ll handle all the cleaning, painting, and repairs, if necessary so that your home is ready for resale.  Our realtors will market your home to sell at a below-market commission rate.

Services Offered Include

  • Garage & House Clean Out
  • Renovation & Handyman Services
  • Receive AS-IS Cash Offer
  • Realtor Services